[gccsdk] Autobuilder build report

Chris Palmer cpalmer at maths.otago.ac.nz
Tue Nov 24 15:41:46 PST 2009

Peter Naulls wrote:
> All the libraries, games and utilities build again.  Wesnoth might have
> issues as previously discussed.  I'm uploading new versions of games
> and utilities as I test them.
> I'm ensuring everything has a canonical packaging format.  In short,
> everything that uses AB_CATEGORY is out of date, as is everything
> that doesn't have an explicit packaging step. I Still need to do some
> things to address points JJ has raised.  Also, since library packaging
> is nearly identical each time (headers, static libs, docs in one
> package, shared libs in another) I will do something to make this
> a single step.   This will greatly simplify things if global changes
> need to be made later.
> We now also build source packages by default, since we almost always
> want this.
> Here are the failures I still have:
> /usr/src/gccsdk/autobuilder/build-libs -l .
> ./java/kaffe: (failed)
> ./browser/dillo: (failed)
> ./browser/chimera2: (failed)
> ./browser/elinks: (failed)
> ./network/knews: (failed)
> ./network/ctorrent: (failed)
> ./emulation/e-uae: (failed)
> ./emulation/bochs: (failed)
> ./develop/dmalloc: (failed)
> ./develop/clisp: (failed)
> ./graphics/tgif: (failed)
> ./graphics/gimp: (failed)
> ./terminal/putty: (failed)
> ./terminal/mutt: (failed)
> ./terminal/minicom: (failed)
> ./terminal/less: (failed)
> ./terminal/ircii-pana: (failed)
> ./media/soundtracker: (failed)
> ./office/abiword: (failed)
> ./office/gnumeric: (failed)
> Attempts to repeat my builds are appreciated.

Hi Peter,

I've just tried an all libraries build via the build-libs scripts, and 
it gets as far as the packaging stage of libpcre3 when it fails with:
	mv: `libpcre3_7.8-1' and `./libpcre3_7.8-1' are the same file
	mv: cannot stat `RISCOS/*': Not a directory

Any ideas?



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