[gccsdk] GCC 4.1.1 Release 2 packages

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Fri Jan 1 11:59:54 PST 2010

alan buckley wrote:
> I've finally had a chance to look at the GCC
> riscpkg packages today and tried to install
> them.
> As mentioned by Peter you can not select the
> C++ compiler without it deselecting the C
> compiler.
> I've tracked down the bug to the control
> record of the sharedlibs package which has
> a dependency to sharedunixlibrary. The problem
> is the case is incorrect the package name
> should be SharedUnixLibrary - case is important.

I've taken a further look at this.  I've fixed
the inconsistency on riscos.info at least (by
uploading a new sharedunixlibrary package), but the
real problem I think remains the lack of "Provides:"
tag support.  Incidentally, I also added to my
script some additional Conflicts: tags to really
ensure people don't try to use very old GCC 2.x
and 3.x (and the explicit !UnixLib).

The problem is introduced when adding the NetSurf
repository, since as you mention, that depends upon,
and also has, an upper case version.  That will
have conflicting files with the lower case version
when you try to install.

There are a couple of things that can be done here:

- Rename the riscos.info package names to lower case.
- Implement the Provides: field.
- Get the NetSurf maintainers to change the dependency
to "SharedUnixLibrary|sharedunixlibrary" - that is
not 100% perfect, but will certainly help in most
- Add a "Conflicts: SharedUnixLibrary" to the lower
   case version.  That will help the above.

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