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Martin Wuerthner martin at mw-software.com
Sun Jan 3 09:41:21 PST 2010

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          Peter Naulls <peter at chocky.org> wrote:

> As for XPDF, you really want to obtain the old versions
> and integrate the RISC OS patches:

> http://www.pdf.iconbar.com/

> I suspect this has its own native RISC OS frontend, voiding
> the need for ChoX11.

Yes, it predates ChoX11 by many years. !PDF is far more than just xpdf 
with a RISC OS front-end. !PDF uses the core PDF processing library 
provided by xpdf to build a Draw file for the current PDF page, which 
it then displays in its own RISC OS GUI.

There is also PDFView, which is based on the !PDF work and uses a lot 
more of the original xpdf code: It can make use of xpdf's internal PDF 
rasterizer to create a fully rendered bitmap rather than a Drawfile, 
which is less useful for editing but supports much more advanced PDF 
features than the original !PDF Drawfile engine.

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