[gccsdk] evince

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Tue Jan 5 17:36:40 PST 2010

Martin Wuerthner wrote:
> In message <4B421B05.4000301 at chocky.org>
>           Peter Naulls <peter at chocky.org> wrote:
>> Martin Wuerthner wrote:
>>> There is also PDFView, which is based on the !PDF work and uses a lot
>>> more of the original xpdf code: It can make use of xpdf's internal PDF
>>> rasterizer to create a fully rendered bitmap rather than a Drawfile,
>>> which is less useful for editing but supports much more advanced PDF
>>> features than the original !PDF Drawfile engine.
>> I think also PDFView uses a slightly newer xpdf engine, but I don't
>> know how much difference that makes.
> It does make a difference. For instance, the newer xpdf engine can 
> read PDF 1.5 files with cross reference streams, which are 
> incompatible with earlier versions of the PDF standard.

I see from my previous look at the binary:


That PDFView is from a 2007 xpdf version, which looks like the
latest 3.02 version - subsequent changes are security fixes,
rather than features.

This seems to be his current home, along with his email:




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