[gccsdk] DjVu format

Matthew Phillips mgcc at sinenomine.freeserve.co.uk
Tue Jan 5 14:16:32 PST 2010

Is anyone working on a means of viewing DjVu files for RISC OS?  (See
http://djvu.sourceforge.net/ for details.)  It's a format which is used for
scanned documents, and is probably most often encountered by the average
user in family history.  It's used for distributing scans from the 1911
UK census, for example.

I seem to remember someone doing some work on it a while back.

It's included in evince, but there is also a free backend, DjVuLibre, which
might be possible to incorporate in another project.  The web page says it
includes a standalone viewer which runs under X11 (based on the Qt library). 
I don't know what Qt is and how easy it might be to port to RISC OS.

Does anyone with more expertise than me care to guess how much work this
would be?  I'd be interested to have a go it's thought to be achievable by
someone pretty new to porting.

Matthew Phillips

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