[gccsdk] evince

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Wed Jan 6 11:31:06 PST 2010

Martin Wuerthner wrote:
> In message <4B43E928.8000402 at chocky.org>
>           Peter Naulls <peter at chocky.org> wrote:
>>>> Martin Wuerthner wrote:
>>>>> There is also PDFView [..]
>> But:
>> http://newsgroups.derkeiler.com/Archive/Comp/comp.sys.acorn.apps/2008-
>> 06/msg00165.html
> That is very sad. Even with the sources it would be difficult enough 
> to find someone to do any substantial development, but if the sources 
> are really lost then that means that someone would have to start from 
> the latest !PDF sources and redo all of Richard's work, which could 
> take months, just to get to the point where we already are. I fear 
> that is not going to happen. :-(

Well, maybe.  You said the main advantages were its use of an updated
XPDF port - this is obviously straightforward.  I guess that an updated
!PDF, bringing RISC OS patches up to date would take a day or two.  This
is something I can just about do in my sleep, but my hope is that 
someone else attempts it.

So, the main feature, from what you have mentioned, is the ability
two switch between the Draw/Raster view.  Richard is still available
for contact, so we can ask him to try and redo this, or comment
on what changes he did make here.  Anything else I'm missing?

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