[gccsdk] DjVu format

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Sat Jan 9 07:42:57 PST 2010

Chris Gransden wrote:
> Matthew Phillips wrote:
>> Congratulations: the compilation was successful!
>> Autobuilder: Not Packaging
>> Autobuilder: Package stage completed
>> Package djvulibre: Success
>> But I am not sure where any of the things it has compiled are supposed to
>> have ended up.  I went to /home/llcstaff/riscos and did
>> find . -type f | grep -i djvu
>> and got nothing.  Where should I expect the products to be placed?  Is 
>> there
>> some environment variable I have failed to set up?
> It's because the autobuilder doesn't know about it. Try putting -D on 
> the end of the build command.
> It will leave everything behind.
> I just tried building it myself. It built OK but doesn't run.

Right, it's a "try", no more.  It's intended as a rough short-cut
to see if it's worth even attempting to put something in the AB.

The next step is to add it - a directory with a setvars which
simply says "AB_INSTALL=yes" is fine. It doesn't need any
fancy packaging if there's no immediate intent to use it

 > Autobuilder: source directory is
 > /home/llcstaff/riscos/gccsdk/build/zlib1g/zlib-
 > Autobuilder: RISC OS patch:
 > patching file configure
 > Hunk #1 FAILED at 224.
 > Hunk #2 succeeded at 249 (offset -2 lines).

Right, I updated the patches yesterday.  You may want to subscribe
to the riscos-commits mailing list.


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