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Thu Feb 3 12:35:34 PST 2011

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>>I finally got around to finishing adding the rest of the Xpdf 3.02 source
>>to !PDF. You can download a test !RunImage here,
>>http://www.cgransden.co.uk/ PDFtest.zip
>>Hopefully I haven't broken anything.

> It appears to run OK here, but I found one pdf that it just displays
> boxes:

> <http://www.parliament.uk/documents/foi/Catering-6th-Floor-Cafe-7-Mill
> bank-F11-009-2011.01.10.pdf>

Yes, that is to be expected. The "text" on it is all represented as 
soft (alpha) masked bitmaps, though only two values are used in the 
mask: fully on and fully off, so a normal binary mask would have been 
sufficient. !PDF ignores soft masks, so you just see the actual 
bitmap, which is a box of solid colour.

The same happens in ArtWorks, the main difference being that with 
warnings enabled ArtWorks tells you that the soft masks of lots of 
bitmaps were ignored.

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