[gccsdk] unixlib in 3.4.6r3

Ron beeb at woosh.co.nz
Sat Feb 5 19:57:23 PST 2011

I have an error that appears to be in unixlib (3.4.6r3).
grepping my source doesn't find any unix.h, and I'm having trouble finding
which library has included it. The error is:

Error: The following symbols could not be found:
    'main' referenced in '/home/john/gccsdk/gccsdk_svn4/gcc/arm-riscos-aof/unixlib/apcs32/abs/unixlib/unix/unix.o'

Could it be that the function _main() in unix.h can't find it's lib?

compiling with -libscl loses the error, but I run into more baffling
problems at the linking stage, so Im trying unixlib.

TIA Ron M.

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