[gccsdk] [Bug 211] Opening files on Sunfish using unixlib fails

John Tytgat John.Tytgat at aaug.net
Sun Feb 6 07:26:14 PST 2011

In message <51a158c169chrisg at care4free.net>
          Chris Gransden <chrisg at care4free.net> wrote:

> By default Sunfish mounts the folders with slashes in the names.
> e.g. Sunfish::hostname/folder.$

But slashes in the medianame shouldn't be a problem.  Dots are.  I think
it is a (minor) bug in Sunfish that it allows dots to be used as medianame.

> Luckily there's an option to override the exported name. Now I've got,
> Sunfish::folder.$
> This now works. So not a problem with Unixlib but with me not setting Sunfish up correctly.

Thanks for the confirmation.  I'll close bug 211 then.

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