[gccsdk] !PDF

Chris Gransden chrisg at care4free.net
Tue Feb 22 11:50:08 PST 2011

In article <9df1a7a951.paulstewart at phawfaux.co.uk>,
   Paul Stewart <paulstewart at phawfaux.co.uk> wrote:

> 1.  Will you be able to fix the issue with the toolbar button where 
> you have to load Paint?  Not a major issue in itself, just slicker if 
> PDF does it automatically

This should be easy enough to fix.

> 2.  Why the switch from loading into GSView to Paint?

!PDF now does the conversion itself so GView is no longer required.

> 3.  Is is not possible for PDF itself to display these documents 
> correctly?

That's what i'm aiming to do. Displaying the page in !Paint is just a
stopgap until I get it working. There will be a choice to display the page
as bitmap or vector.

> 4.  Finally, a feature request!  Any chance of being able to do the 
> page preview down the left hand side, like Adobe Acrobat Reader does?  
> I know you probably only spend a little time here and there on it, but 
> thought I'd ask anyway.

Feature requests are most welcome. The easier it is to do the quicker it
will be implemented.


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