[gccsdk] [Bug 217] Stack Backtrace with certain programs built with gcc 4.6

Chris Gransden chrisg at care4free.net
Mon Feb 28 15:20:30 PST 2011

In article <E1PuBXL-0000Nq-O4 at riscos.info>,
   <bugzilla-daemon at riscos.info> wrote:

> 1. The programs which go wrong, are they using alloca() ?

I can't see any specific call to alloca(). Could it be called indirectly.

> 2. You've this problem as well when building your program with -O0 ?

Compiling with -O0 and the Stack backtrace goes away.  One of the programs
that does it is xjig from the autobuilder. This is quite a small program so
I should be able to narrow it down some more. 

> 3. Does it make a difference when you're using a dynamic area vs wimpslot for
> your heap ?

I did notice with xjig the wimpslot slot quickly climbs to 340MiB and
system heap goes from 200k to 700k then the machine locks. 




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