[gccsdk] SharedCPPLibrary?

Terje Slettebø tslettebo at broadpark.no
Fri Sep 23 00:02:31 PDT 2011

Hi John.

>> In the context of reimplementing parts of RISC OS, this is a serious
>> concern, so I was wondering if making a shared C++ library module that 
>> may
>> be used by GCC have been considered, and what the feasibility is for 
>> this?

>The C++ (STL) library is pretty large so I don't think it is really
>realistic to turn this into a module like we have today as SharedCLibrary.
>Moreover, the STL library is for a large part a template library so there
>is quite some code which gets instanciated in the main application.

Ah, yes, good point.



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