[gccsdk] Nettle autobuilder patch

Alex Macfarlane Smith nospam at archifishal.co.uk
Thu Jun 14 00:23:27 PDT 2012

On 12/06/2012 13:43, Frank de Bruijn wrote:> In article 
<SNT136-ds1987B1B004EB7E9CF73B01F0F70 at phx.gbl>,
 >     Alan Buckley <alan_baa at hotmail.com> wrote:
 >> I notice it requires the SocketWatch module,
 > You may want to look at http://www.aconet.org/tools/socketwatch.zip

On 11/06/2012 13:21, Theo Markettos wrote:
> SocketWatch's source is in BASIC, so it probably won't autobuild.  Is it OK
> to make 'binary-only' packages?

I notice that Frank's version is in objasm format, so theoretically 
could be committed into Nettle's CVS 
(http://nettle.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/nettle/SocketWatch/ ), and 
then someone could write an autobuilder for that.

Does that seem like a good plan to anyone? :)


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