[gccsdk] VFP revisited

Jeffrey Lee me at phlamethrower.co.uk
Thu Jun 18 17:05:46 PDT 2015


Attached is a new patch with a couple of VFP related changes:

* Corrected the VFP exception error base to match the value that's now 
being used by RISC OS (it was recently modified in the OS to avoid a 
potential clash with one of ROL's allocations, as I'd mentioned might 
happen in my original mail)

* Removed the hacky fix for the internal compiler error in 
gcc/config/arm.c and instead make GCC use a 64bit HOST_WIDE_INT when 
targetting RISC OS. Forcing 64bit HOST_wIDE_INT, even on 32bit hosts, is 
the behaviour that the major ARM targets seem to take. The GCC binaries 
will be bigger, and compiler memory usage will presumably increase too, 
but the change doesn't seem to have had any measurable impact on compile 
times (compiling some non-trivial C code on an Iyonix with -O3 took almost 
exactly 10 minutes for both 32bit and 64bit HOST_WIDE_INT versions)


- Jeffrey
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