[gccsdk] fontconfig build issue

John Ballance jwb at macpcrepair.co.uk
Mon Jun 29 12:26:13 PDT 2015


On 29/06/2015 20:11, Lee Noar wrote:
> On 29/06/15 19:05, John Ballance wrote:
>> Hi Lee
>> Thanks for the check. begs the Q of what it may be...
>> I did then try the --disable-docs which did bypass that issue, then
>> grumble in the riscpkg stage:
>> add-riscpkg: Adding files for the RISC OS Packaging Project
>> add-riskpkg: Using Debian description
>> add-riscpkg: Setting filetypes...
>> add-riskpkg: Finished
>> Autobuilder: Packaging files
>> Autobuilder: Packaging as fontconfig-config
>> -rw-rw-rw- 1 jb jb 88085 Jun 29 19:00
>> /home/jb/GCCSDK471/autobuilder/autobuilder_packages/Fonts/fontconfig-config_2.11.0-1.zip 
>> Autobuilder: Packaging as fontconfig
>> -rw-rw-rw- 1 jb jb 5704386 Jun 29 19:00
>> /home/jb/GCCSDK471/autobuilder/autobuilder_packages/Fonts/fontconfig_2.11.0-1.zip 
>> Autobuilder: Packaging as libfontconfig1-dev
>> -rw-rw-rw- 1 jb jb 860002 Jun 29 19:00
>> /home/jb/GCCSDK471/autobuilder/autobuilder_packages/Library/libfontconfig1-dev_2.11.0-1.zip 
>> Autobuilder: Packaging as libfontconfig1
>> Autobuilder: package directory missing libfontconfig1
>> Package fontconfig: ***Failure***
>> Build for package "fontconfig" failed
>> Probably something simple that I'm missing, but the libfontconfig1 
>> directory
>> doesn't exist in the package directory at this point.
> Are you building shared libraries? libfontconfig1 is the shared library
I will need to build shared libraries, but at this stage not sure. I'll 
try again with the  libfontconfig1 removed from the AB line

.. build does complete, thanks

shared libraries. ... I've missed this.. how do I globally turn on the 
build of shared libraries please?


p.s. I'm building quite a list of things where I have local patches to 
the autobuilder scripts. Should theyy all come through you, or might it 
be simpler if I put them in directly?  (I guess I'm also asking whether 
that could be arranged..)

> package and is only created if shared libraries are enabled. The
> autobuilder expects to always find it though because it's mentioned at
> the top of setvars in AB_PACKAGES. I guess I need to set AB_PACKAGES
> here according to whether shared libraries are enabled or not.
>> IS there any AB type definition that brings in the native cc compiler,
>> not the arm one?
> No I don't think so, because the autobuilder doesn't know which compiler
> to use when. Sometimes the package authors will specifically support
> cross compiling and allow you to set HOST_CC. Sometimes you have to
> configure and build the package twice (in setvars) for native and
> RISC OS to get native compiled tools.
> In this case though all the html documentation files seem to be
> present in doc/fontconfig-devel even with --disable-doc (in fact
> the debian patch adds them), so I'll alter setvars to add this
> option and fix AB_PACKAGES as above.
> Lee.

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