[gccsdk] gcc unixify failure

Ron beeb at woosh.co.nz
Mon May 4 17:17:05 PDT 2015

I've recently downloaded 4.7.4 and it is runnng standard sfix's.
This issue is probably there in 4.1.2 also.

Take any c file that would compile into a binary (as an example)
Rename to foo.bar.c (foo/bar in the c directory)

gcc -o foo.bar.y foo.bar.c

gcc will not find foo/bar.c
copy foo/bar to foobar (in the c directory)

gcc -o foo.bar.y foobar.c

It doesn't make sense to output to a valid sfix directory (y) but it does show that gcc can riscosify the name for writing but it can't unixify it for reading.

Why does this matter?
flex outputs lex.yy.c by default.

Using my modded version of gcc that doesn't sfix does allow normal useage, but this is about the standard download of gcc

Thanks, Ron M.

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