[gccsdk] GCCSDK474 build on ubuntu1510 (gcc5)

John Ballance jwb at macpcrepair.co.uk
Tue Oct 27 16:19:20 PDT 2015

Any thoughts on how to proceed?

(with hindsight- in error) my linux box has been updated to ubuntu1510 
which comes with gcc5. The GCCSDK474 fails to build for a number of reasons.

The first biggie, which arguably should have been dealt with a long time 
ago in core gcc, is that there has been a lot of use of the attribute 
__FUNCTION__, which was deprecated a good while ago I believe in favour 
of __func__. An appropriate modification to the gcc4/Makefile will do a 
'sed' to resolve this..

Problems then occur in gcc-trunk/gcc/cp folder where gperf is used to 
generate the cfns.h from cfns.gperf.

It produces a file that is inconsistent in its __inline attributes. 
gperf is GNU 3.0.4.

Sorting this will be needed I guess, and any thoughts appreciated, would 
I be better to oblige ubuntu1510 to run with an earlier gcc, and if so, 
which should be best?

Many thanks

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