[gccsdk] cross-compiling using gcc5 on the host 1

Ron gettingchoppy at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 22:12:17 PDT 2015

In message <56315DB9.6040409 at macpcrepair.co.uk>
          John Ballance <jwb at macpcrepair.co.uk> wrote:

> Its come about as my machine got taken up to ubuntu15.10,
> which uses gcc5 as a default, and mu linux skills were not really up to
> to installing/using earlier gcc for this.
I cant speak for 15.10 but previous versions have allowed me to chose different versions of gcc.

It required 'sudo apt-get remove gcc' then you have to see what other versions are available with 'apt-cache search gcc' or maybe use synaptic.

You need to then install the version by its package name to over-ride the distro default.
sudo apt-get install gcc-4 or whatever the appropriate name is.

HTH Ron.

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