[gccsdk] GCCSDK Raspberry Pi 3 status

David Pitt pittdj at pittdj.co.uk
Mon Jan 16 07:08:29 PST 2017

alan buckley, on 16 Jan, wrote:

> David Pitt wrote on  09 January 2017 15:57
> > alan buckley, on 9 Jan, wrote:

> > > What is the current status of GCCSDK for the Raspberry Pi 3?
> > I have a locally built !GCC from June 2006 that is RPi3 compatible, it
> > being built after the SWP fix was checked in. The build also generated
> > an updated !SharedLibs which is definitely required and a SharedUlib
> > which might not be.
> > > Is it worth creating a new RISC OS version of !GCC so it can be used
> > > by Raspberry Pi 3 users? Or is there more to do?
> > I have not used !GCC extensively but as far as I am aware the build that
> > I have is good on the RPi3.
> I’m really trying to determine if I (or someone) should produce a new
> version of !GCC for the riscos info website or if it needs something else.

> > The problem on the RPi3 is more extensive than just !GCC, !PDF is
> > another casualty. Again I have a local RPi3 good build.
> Did you use the GCCSDK autobuilder to build !PDF? If so did you have to
> make any changes to the build scripts?

The autobuilder was used.

!PDF builds as is, and is good on the RPi3. Revision 7084 was required.

> If any of the riscos-info stuff is failing on the RPi3 and will build OK
> from the autobuilder, I can build a new version and upload it. Just let me
> know what the packages are, and please test them after they are uploaded
> as I don’t have a RPi3. Unless there are quick fixes to the build I won’t
> have time to sort them out though.

Wget and !GCC also build and are OK on my RPi3.

> > All of this was discussed at the time on the ROOL forum.
> I’ve seen the ROOL forum discussions, I’m trying to get input from The
> GCCSDK developers as they will have a better idea of the current state of
> play.

David Pitt

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