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Joe Burmeister jab_joe at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 3 10:57:22 BST 2007


I've also had broken directories. It is something I meant to investigate but 
never did.

Happened with the release and csv from a few months back.

Both under XP and Linux.

I run RiscOS 3.7 in RPCemu.

But I never got the bottom of it, just figured it was me mixing up cmos or 
something from the csv and release versions.

If you can get a reproducible on the latest code someone can debug it. 
(Though I can't volunteer as I've not got a home machine right now and DIY 
is my life at the mo!)


>From: "Chris Morison" <organizer at morison.net>
>To: rpcemu at riscos.info
>Subject: [Rpcemu] Hello
>Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 21:40:29 +0100
>Hi RPCusers and developers,
>I've just (yesterday) started using RPCemu on Linux.  I've already
>experienced a couple of problems and thought I'd join this list to
>introduce myself and perhaps get involved and maybe help sort these
>problems out.
>I'm a bit of a programmer, but not so much with low-level stuff.  I
>wrote !Organizer in Basic for RISC OS, and some data-acquisition and
>FEA software in C++ on Windows.
>My main purpose for using RPCemu is so that I can keep supporting my
>!Organizer software when I emigrate to NZ and leave my RiscPC behind.
>I'm running it on Ubuntu 7.04, but I can dual-boot into WinXP Home and
>try things there if I really need to.
>The two problems I've had are:
>1) When dragging a large window around, eg. the Task Manager or a
>!StrongEd window, (but not a Filer window) RPCemu crashes with the
>   Shutting down Allegro due to signal #11
>   Segmentation fault
>I don't think this happens when I try in XP, but I haven't tried much yet.
>I have liballegro 4.2 installed.  I compiled RPCemu for the 'recompiler'
>2) I seem to keep getting 'Broken Directories' in directories which
>contain my !Organizer data files.  This seems to happen after the
>crash above occurs.
>Any ideas?
>Chris Morison
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