[Rpcemu] Networking

Tom Walker tommowalker at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Nov 18 14:55:38 GMT 2007

I have uploaded the current progress of my networking implementation to


This presently doesn't quite work - everything I've tried gives a 'failed to
find hostname' error. However, this is an improvement over what happened
before (nothing). I'm releasing it on the off chance that someone has the
relevant knowledge to fix it. Some notes :

- This does actually access the network, my firewall confirms this.

- You will need the latest SVN of RPCemu for this to work at all.

- The ROM based modules don't work at the moment, as they have been linked
with newer versions of libraries than are present in the RISC OS roms I've
tried. I've provided David Ruck's source code for these, and have also
included hacked copies of the modules that will address the podule as long as
it is podule 2 (this is the case if it is the only DLL podule loaded). Fixing
the ROM modules should be easy with the correct tools (which I don't have) -
David says it should just be a recompile.

- There are no timeouts in the podule - there were originally but the
required functionality wasn't in RPCemu when I first ported this and I
haven't put it back in yet.

- This is Windows only. It therefore seems to complement Alex Waugh's code,
which seems to be Linux only.

- It is 'zero config', ie the internet stuff in !Boot is not required and
does/should not need to be configured at all.

- David has given permission for this to be licensed under the GPL.


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