[Rpcemu] New names for RPCEmu HostFS module

Theo Markettos rpcemu at markettos.org.uk
Sat Dec 20 07:54:25 EST 2008

On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 08:51:32PM +0100, Gillian Seed wrote:
> James Woodcock and I are currently working on the HostFS part of
> RPCEmu: implementing multiple discs support and add additional
> features like free/used space and showfree.

Sounds good.

> If anybody have suggestions about a new filingsystem specifier then
> please reply your suggestions. There is a limit, it may not be very
> long (seven is the maximum, including: ) otherwise filer window
> titles/pathnames are getting too long. Here are mine suggestions:
> RFS: (RPCEmu FS, perhaps rename module too)
> HFS: (Host FS)
> Host: (shorter version of hostfs)

I think all of those might already have been taken.

> RPHFS: (RPCEmu Host FS)

RPCEm: or RPCEmu: seem to be the clearest of those.

BUT, would it actually make sense to have the same name as other emulators?
There's no way you're going to run two HostFS implementations at once. That
means you can share host filing system trees between, say, RPCEmu and VRPC
if the RISC OS path doesn't change.  Or maybe this is too tricky to get

> I'm also thinking about to use a fantasy name for the whole module. For example:
> Name: Bunny
> Moduletitle: BunnyFS
> SWI: Bunny_*
> FS specifier: Bunny:

That might be a good option, as the namespace has got quite crowded.  Not
that I have any bright ideas :)


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