[Rpcemu] Just starting

Terry Duell tduell at iinet.net.au
Sun Jan 13 22:50:46 GMT 2008

Good Morning All,
Just introducing myself, saying hullo etc.
I have just started with RPCemu. 
I have built the linux 0.7 version from the website, running it on Fedora
Core 6 and using the ROS Adjust 4.39 ROM image.
I am having a lot of trouble, but some/most of it may be me not understanding
a few things.
Are there any notes/docs etc available besides the Readme files included in
with the source?
Besides crashes, the main problem I have is being completely bewildered about
how one moves files/data from a RPC to RPCemu. Nothing seems to work! 
At the moment the version I have built is very fragile and crashes at the
drop of a hat. Not really useful at all. I started writing a list of all the
problems I have had then it occurred to me that perhaps some of these issues
have been fixed in the latest svn sources. I will now see if I can figure out
how this subversion business works and see if I can build from the latest
source, and see how that goes.

I doubt that I will be of much help with development, other than reporting
problems etc, but I can/will help with documentation, if that is of any help.

Terry Duell

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