[Rpcemu] RPCemu-Linux, some problems and notes

Tom Walker tommowalker at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jan 16 10:04:38 GMT 2008

> Problems:
> ---------
> The keyboard behaves badly. If I open an !Edit window and begin to type
> text it isn't long before a character is endlessly repeated, as if I am 
> holding down the key. Quitting !Edit and restarting doesn't stop it, as it 
> is continuing in any new !Edit window that is opened. The repeating 
> character pops up wherever keyboard entry is expected (e.g. filer rename). 

Press the offending key again to make it stop. Somehow the 'key up' message
is getting lost. This can sometimes happen on the Windows version, but only
after Windows has been up for a few hours and all timing is completely shot
and RPCemu starts lurching all over the place. Clearly it's more commonplace
on Linux.

> Choosing the IOCTL option (CTL-END -> Settings -> CDROM) and then select
> the CD-ROM icon causes RPCemu to dissappear. No error messages, nothing...
> just gone.

It would presumably be writing something to the log file. Have a look at
rpclog.txt after it has killed itself.

> That's it, for the moment. Hopefully the notes will be helpful, and that
> the problem reports will help. 
> I am really not competent to try to track down problems in a system like
> this. I hope there is someone who is doing some work on the Linux version.
> We already have quite sound emulators for Windows, so effort really is 
> needed on the Linux version.  

Problem is there's no maintainer for the Linux version, there's only me and
I've already shown myself to be totally incompetent in this regard. If anyone
would like to volunteer...

> As I said before, if it helps, I am willing to put some effort into 
> documentation, but it needs to be a bit more robust first.

Problem I have is that since I very rarely use Linux, I'm only vaguely aware
of the problems with that version. On Windows, RPCemu is pretty rock solid.


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