[Rpcemu] RPCemu report & Ques.

Terry Duell tduell at iinet.net.au
Thu Jan 17 05:14:45 GMT 2008

Hullo All,
I have tried the Windows version of RPCemu 0.7 and have found some problems.
I ran it under Win2000Pro, using the ROS 4.39 rom image.
Settings -> CDROM offers two choices, CDROM F and CDROM H (I have a CD and a
DVD drive), and had a CD in drive F which I selected. RPCemu then resets and
when done I selected the CD drive icon, and RPCemu immediately crashed. No
log was written. I have found that 0.7 Linux version also doesn't write
anything to the log file when it crashes. If I try using the other drive I
have the same result.
I use a two button PS2 mouse, and cannot get any menu options with the
Windows version. The Linux version provides menu when I use both buttons at
the same time, in the same manner that Linux emulates a 3 button mouse. 
I noticed that the Windows version of RPCemu provides settings menus etc that
are in the Windows style, whereas the Linux version doesn't (e.g. the menu is
white, with a very basic font. When the linux Drive -> CDROM is selected in
there is no window furniture, just a bare white area with basic text).
Is that the expected behavious of the Linux version, or am I possibly seeing
abnormal behaviour?
I would like to try the latest svn version in Windows to see how it behaves,
but I am not familiar with building from source in Windows. What PD tools are

Terry Duell

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