[Rpcemu] More Rev 119 Linux notes

Terry Duell tduell at iinet.net.au
Fri Jan 18 03:25:41 GMT 2008

Hullo All,
I just rebuilt rev 119 on Linux this time to use the interpreter. 
I edited the rpc.cfg file so that it would start as an ARM710 and have 128 MB
Once booted I tried to alter the ram and it crashed with the usual "Shutting
down Allegro...Segmentation fault", so it lloks like here are basic issues
with rev 119. 
Still using 4.39 roms. 
I really haven't finalised a way of getting a copy of my 3.71 roms yet, but
still thinking about it. One thought that crossed my mind was to fit them to
my RPC (currently 4.39) and although it won't be able to read the hard disc,
I thought I might be able to create a RAM Disc and save the roms in 4 parts,
then copy them to floppies, replace the 4.39 roms, then shift the rom images
via network from my RPC to the Linux box. Anyone see any possible problems
with this strategy?

Terry Duell

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