[Rpcemu] Saving rom images

Terry Duell tduell at iinet.net.au
Sat Jan 19 00:35:10 GMT 2008

Hullo All,
I'm just about to try to save my 3.71 rom images, and checked the advice in
the RPCemu Readme.txt file.
I need to save the roms in four parts, so I can bung them on floppies, but
the suggested advice doesn't look right to me.
The advice in Readme.txt is...
*save ic24 3800000+100000
*save ic25 3800000+100000
*save ic26 3800000+100000
*save ic27 3800000+100000

or alternatively

*save rom  3800000+400000

Now the help command says...
*help save
==> Help on keyword Save
*Save copies the given area of memory to the named file. Length and addresses
are in hexadecimal.
Syntax: *Save <filename> <start addr> [<end addr> | +<length>] [<exec addr>
[<load addr>]]

My interpretation of the help is that I should use...
*save ic24 3800000+100000
*save ic25 3900000+100000
*save ic26 4000000+100000
*save ic27 4100000+100000
I would think that if I use the commands as writ in Readme.txt I will get 4
copies of the same (first) bit.

When ever I come across a situation like this I always suspect that I have
misunderstood and have it wrong!  Could someone who knows please set me

Terry Duell

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