[Rpcemu] Rev 119, further report

Terry Duell tduell at iinet.net.au
Sun Jan 20 00:36:01 GMT 2008

Morning All,
I have been doing more testing of Rev 119, Linux, using both ROS4.02 and
There seems to be some problems relating to modules.
ROS4.39 reports "Soft-load driver not present" when I select the CD-ROM
drive, but !Zap reports that all the same CDFS modules that are on my RISCPC
are present. CDFSSoftATAPI and CDFSSoftCS12 are there. I have searched my
RISCPC 4.39 !Boot and there are no CDFS modules loaded from there so all this
stuff must be in the roms. Is it possible rpcemu isn't reading or using all
the rom properly?
I'm not sure if this is a related problem or not, but thought I would try
!TechWriter. If I try to start !TW in rpcemu it complains that "File
'System:Modules.CallASWI' Not found", but when I copy that module from my
4.39 !Boot, reboot rpcemu (using 4.39 roms) and the start !TW it complains
that "CallASWI module will only work on RISC OS 3.1, 3.5 or 3.6"...yet the
same !TW works OK on my RPC with that module present. Am I missing something
here or is likely to be another artifact of rpcemu being a bit wrong
somewhere...not really knowing which version OS it is or somesuch?

Here are some lines out of the !TW run file, which probably have something to
do with what is going on. I don't know what ProcMode does it is a Utility
which is binary. ProcMode is probably not getting the right response from the

run <Obey$Dir>.ProcMode TechWriter$32bitSystem 
If NOT <TechWriter$32bitSystem> Then RMEnsure CallASWI 0.03 RMLoad
If NOT <TechWriter$32bitSystem> Then RMEnsure CallASWI 0.03 Error This
application requires CallASWI 0.03 or later
Hope these reports are helpful to someone.

Terry Duell

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