[Rpcemu] Mailing list that may be of interest.

jess hampshire jesshampshire at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 1 17:23:00 BST 2008


A new (support orientated) mailing list has be set up for Unix (and
compatibles) interoperability with RISC OS.

Using RISC OS emulators on Linux (etc) is on topic.

(The list will be properly announced on Comp.sys.acorn.announce in a
couple of weeks.)

The web access to the list for subscribing etc is at:


Subscribing can also be done by email, by sending an email from the
address to be subscribed, to x-riscos-list-request at riscository.co.uk
with "subscribe" in the subject line (a password will be generated for
the subscriber and emailed back to them).

Anyone wishing to join is welcome.

 Please don't send my whole message back to me in replies.

 mailto:jesshampshire at googlemail.com http://jess.itworkshop-nexus.net

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