[Rpcemu] Arculator...

Farlie A osmfeed at gfarlie.demon.co.uk
Fri Jul 11 01:54:10 BST 2008

I realise that the main focus of this list is RpcEmu,
but I am trying to reach the developers in connection with the othr
Archmedies Emualtor they developed called Arculator..

The problem is that whilst the 0.9 version runs, attempting to use the 
menus running
under Windows 98 and Direct X 9.0c causes a lock up..

I would appreciate an answer as to what's causing this as without being 
able to change
discs or reliably select menu options Arculator is less useful than it 
could be.

The developers have in the past hinted that it MAY be some internal 
display update code
that is at fault..

Also if the developers are interested I have a possible method for 
recovering the
ARM source code for the ArculFS module (which runs within the emulation).
It needs nothing more than some time, and the relevant  manuals :)

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