[Rpcemu] Wtr.: Re: How to build RPCemu for Windows.

Steffen Huber steffen at huber-net.de
Thu Jul 17 23:00:57 BST 2008

Hi David (and everybody else),

I also don't know anything about C and using it on Windows, so I decided
to just try and see how far I get...

...and, a few hours later, I now have
- a seemingly working MinGW gcc environment
- the Eclipse IDE along with CDT and the SVN client using the
  MinGW build environment
- the current RPCemu sources from SVN
- a successfully "built from latest sources" RPCemu.exe

(Eclipse was chosen because I use it at work for Java development
and so I'm familiar with it wrt using CVS and SVN)

The most time consuming tasks for someone not familiar with
this C stuff is
1.) how to get a makefile compatible with Windows
    (thankfully, the Eclipse IDE seems to be able to do that automatically)
2.) which libs are needed for linking

A ready-to-use Windows build script would be great, as well
as a "how-to" for people starting from scratch.

> I assume this means MinGW http://www.mingw.org/ Following the downloads
> link goes to a page with nothing to download.

and download the "Automated MinGW installer"

I would suggest you download and install the Base set along
with g++ and MinGW make.

Then download the readily-built "allegro for mingw" libs package.

You already seem to have the RPCemu sources. I needed
to change rpc-win.c since linking failed with function "sleep"
not being found - I just changed it to Sleep, which seems
to be an equivalent one from the Win32 API.

Libs to be linked against are mingw32, comdlg32 and alleg.
Confusingly, these are called lib.a on your harddisc,
but need to be passed as -l to the linker.

Now you have everything to successfully build RPCemu from


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