[Rpcemu] Filename problems

Terry Duell tduell at iinet.net.au
Tue Jun 3 01:53:10 BST 2008

Hullo All,
I have been trying to set up RPCemu as per my RPC, I guess to see if I can
rely on it should I not have my RPC anymore. I have run into trouble with
filenames whilst transferring files. I am running RPCemu on Fedora 8 (x86_64)
using the 4.39 roms.
I have copied my RPC boot disc to the hostfs dir using Sunfish.
I then booted RPCemu and have been trying to copy the RPC bootdisc from
hostfs to RPCemu bootdisc.
I have been getting numerous errors, almost all "HostFS:$.xxx.yyyy file not
found", and all these cases are filenames that contain a space, one example;
"!Boot.Resources.!Manuals.Root.ECS not found" whereas the file is really
named "ECS Utils". 
ROS 4.39 doesn't seem to have any problems with these filenames on the RPC
but does when it is run in RPCemu...or is there something else going on here?
Is there a way around this problem?

Terry Duell

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