[Rpcemu] Filename problems

Terry Duell tduell at iinet.net.au
Fri Jun 6 06:58:11 BST 2008

In message 5 Jun
 Tom Walker <tommowalker at yahoo.co.uk>  wrote:

> Hi
> HostFS and long file names don't seem to get on for some reason.


> In the mean time, I'd recommend compressing everything you copy with ArcFS
> or something similar, then decompressing from HostFS to the RPCemu hard
> disc. This should work around any problems.

Some more to report on this.
I had ROS directories stored in a linux dir, having been copied across by
!Sunfish. When these were transferred to hostfs dir and then looked at from
within RPCemu they all looked OK, all files, apps etc were correct, with
correct filetypes etc. 
It was when I tried to copy these dirs/files to the RPCemu boot disc that
problems occurred with files that had a space in the name.
I then zipped these dirs/files etc up within Linux and put the zip files in
hostfs, then from within RPCemu copied the zip file across to the boot disc
and unzipped them using !SparkFS (v 1.28). 
This didn't work too well either. Not only did I still get errors with
filenames using a space (an inscrutable message..."error when reading
xxx.!Manuals.Root.ECS Utils, file 'xxx.!Manuals.Root.ECS' not found", it
knows the correct filename but then can't find it!!), but I also found that
files unzipped were not correctly typed (e.g ! Boot,feb) which wasn't
universally so, some apps and files being correctly typed. 
So it would seem that my attempt at a solution to my original problem doesn't
solve it and introduces a new problem. 
I think I am missing something here about the issues of filetyping when
transferring via various means. 
It looks as though zipping up the files and dirs within ROS (i.e. on the RPC)
before transfer to Linux may be the only way after all...unless someone has a
better solution. I would like to avoid making the archives on the RPC if
possible as I have a few GB to transfer, and that will mean breaking up into
many small archives.

Looking for more advice, please.

Terry Duell

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