[Rpcemu] Can't maintain screen settings, rev129

Musus Umbra musus.rpcemu at verelanthe.co.uk
Fri May 23 10:12:14 BST 2008

On Friday 23 May 2008, Terry Duell wrote:
> res=1024x768, but when I click 'set' I get a dbox, 'Message from
> Screen setup - Broken directory'. I click 'OK' in the message dbox

In RISC OS, "Broken Directory" indicates disc corruption.  In this case, 
it looks like the directory in which the screen configuration is stored 
( !Boot.Choices.Boot.PreDesk.Configure - or perhaps one of its 
parents ) has been damaged.  Can you open and read files from that 
directory in the filer?  Does *checkmap report problems?

"Broken Directories" are much easier to get if the machine crashes (or 
is reset) without dismounting/shutting down properly.  They're also a 
pain to fix without special software (e.g. 
http://www.armclub.org.uk/products/discknight/ ) although very 
occasionally *checkmap can help too. Also it's sometimes possible to 
rename the broken directory and create a fresh one in its place, but 
that's just shuffling the problem to one side :)

If all else fails, it's the good ol' backup, reformat, restore 
routine :-/


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