[Rpcemu] HostFS and multiple discs

James Woodcock james_woodcock at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 20 15:59:17 EST 2008


I have attached a patch that enables support for multiple discs in

I have modified the emulator to create three discs (on Unix, only two on
HostFS::HostFS.$  - the standard HostFS directory
HostFS::system.$  - The root of the host (/ under Unix, c:/ under Win)
HostFS::home.$    - ~/rpcemu (Unix only)
I have also left backwards compatibility, so that HostFS:$ works as
expected with hostfsfiler.

My reasoning is that if rpcemu is installed on a shared machine, then
people may want personal, writable disc space on the host without the
need to understand NFS or other networking services.  HostFS::HostFS.$
may also be a read only file system to prevent people from accidentally
breaking the system.

I have kept HostFS::system.$ as a read only file system as some RISC OS
apps change the filetype of files they have successfully loaded.  This
has the unfortunate side effect of the file being renamed on the host -
which is probably not what the user wants in the average case.

Obviously, hostfsfiler does not handle any of this, so to access system
or home, you have to either do something like: "filer_opendir
HostFS::system.$" or "addtinydir HostFS::system.$".

It's more of an opening gambit of a patch, really.  I'd be interested in
any comments.

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