[Rpcemu] [patch] Execute a configuration script after creating tap device

James Woodcock james_woodcock at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 27 15:02:13 EST 2008


Another patch.  This patch executes a configuration script after
initialising the TAP device.  The script is /etc/rpcemu/ifup.sh, and is
passed 3 arguments: TAP device name, ip address and netmask.  The patch
was inspired by qemu.

An example script is in src/script/linux.  This should perform the steps
as set out in the Wiki entry on riscos.info in a fairly generic way.

Obviously, processes owned by root spawning scripts can lead to a whole
load of security issues, but I think if we have a script that is owned
by root, and and be written to by root only, then we should not have too
many issues.

Hope it helps.

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