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jan rinze janrinze at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 07:54:27 EST 2008

Hi Dick,

my name is Jan Rinze Peterzon and I have been involved with the RPCemu code
from a very early stage.
Up until the dynamic recompiler had entered the stage the code was quite
understandable. The introduction of the recompiler has been a tremendous one
man feat that is really hard to understand.
If you want a maintainable code base then the recompiler needs to be
rewritten using macros and more understandable code. This seems like an
'almost' impossible task but it really needs to be done.
Not sure if others share this view, hopefully there are sufficient
developers out there that can and do understand the code.

best wishes,

Jan Rinze.

2008/11/26 Gillian Seed <mrseed at gmail.com>

> Hello RPCEmu users,
> For anybody who didn't already know. My name is Dick Tanis and I would
> like to announce that since a few weeks I was granted to take over the
> development of the RPCEmu project from Tom Walker. My role in the
> project is to maintain to code and co-ordinate with the people who are
> doing the hard stuff like programming. At the moment my team consists
> of two programmers and their names are:
> Kees Grinwis
> Simon Voortman
> Our first objective is to get acquainted with the source code and get
> the emulator issues/problems/bugs identified. At the moment we are
> only going to develop the Linux version of RPCEmu because we don't
> have time/tools to test the code on other platforms and because their
> are other good solutions of emulating a Risc PC on a Windows or MAC
> PC.
> If anybody wants to help us with the development of RPCEmu then you're
> very welcome. Just contact me at above address . If you find some
> issues/bugs in the emulator then post them here at the RPCEmu mailing
> list. I will try to identify them and put them on the issue list
> (http://www.riscos.info/index.php/RPCEmu_issues) at riscos.info.
> And of course I would like to thank Tom for his hard work to create
> this emulator.
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