[Rpcemu] [Fwd: Re: HostFS and multiple discs]

James Woodcock james_woodcock at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Nov 30 15:55:11 EST 2008


Here is an updated patch that should have answered most of the queries:
1.  Discs are configured in rpc.cfg.  rpc.cfg is updated with exmaples.
2.  Discs can be referenced by name or by index
3.  There are no concept of default permissions

There is still a concept of a default disc, for use when the HostFS
module references HostFS:$.  The default disc is now HostFS::0.$.

1.  you don't get an invalid disc error when referencing discs that do
not exist.  I need to fix that, really.
2.  you don't get a permission denied error when trying to create a file
on a read-only filesystem.

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