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Timothy Coltman timothy.coltman at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 13:28:44 EDT 2009

That's without a hard drive, so whatever the default mode is (mode
28?).  PPC is big endian (unlike Intel), but there are bits in the
code that do different things depending on the endian-ness.  The
various #defines are being set correctly, but the display persists in
getting messed up.  The code in romload.c (towards the bottom) does do
something to the ROM if it's running on a big-endian system, though I
have no idea what.

2009/4/8 Theo Markettos <rpcemu at markettos.org.uk>:
> On Tue, Apr 07, 2009 at 07:38:41PM +0100, Timothy Coltman wrote:
>> This is what I get:
>> http://img8.imageshack.us/img8/3592/rpcemuweird.jpg
>> Keyboard doesn't work properly either - if I press a key, a random
>> character comes up and repeats ad nauseam.
> How odd.  What RISC OS video mode are you in?  It looks like blocks of maybe
> 4 pixels are flipped left-to-right.
> Might it be a big/little endianness problem?  If PPC is big endian and Intel
> is little endian, that would explain why the same code doesn't work on PPC.
> If it's an 8bpp mode it would explain the wierd video.  But I'm surprised
> everything else has worked so far.  I don't quite know how it would affect
> keystrokes though.
> Theo
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