[Rpcemu] Patch for OS X/big endian systems

Timothy Coltman timothy.coltman at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 13:12:28 PDT 2009

Hi all

I have been doing some work on trying to get the emulator to play ball
better with big-endian systems like PPC, as well as updating the OS X
code to work with the changes to HostFS that went in recently.
Attached is a patch that contains the fruits of my labours thus far.

This fixes the following:

1. Attempting to compile the latest source on a Mac (either i386 or
PPC) fails because of a couple of new HostFS-related methods are
missing from rpc-macosx.c.  Incidentally, the new HostFS stuff appears
to work fine on my Mac Pro (even using the PPC version).  I just
copied from the Linux code - et voila!
2. HostFS crashing on PPC when you click on a disc on the icon bar
3. An errant #error statement in romload.c that stops compilation on
big-endian systems (in the byte swapping stuff).
4. A number of changes to vidc20.c that fix various desktop drawing
issues on big-endian systems.  This was discussed in a recent thread
started by David Lane.

The drawing code has the occasional hiccup in the iconbar area but
other than that seems to work fine in the modes I tried (27-32 or so).
 I am still having keyboard issues - I can type two characters
perfectly well, but after that, the strange auto-repeat problem rears
its ugly head (this appears to cause the emulator to become
unresponsive - I have to kill the task).  I have stuck a load of
printf statements in the keyboard handling code, but these show
nothing untoward - the correct number of key down and key up
receive/send messages.  I had a play with the CMOS code to see if it
was an auto-repeat issue (consulting my PRMs for the first time since
1999 in the process) but got nowhere.  Interestingly, the keyboard
works fine with the older PPC port that's in SVN, but I can't see any
obvious differences between the current code base and that one.

Note that the patch should be applied against the code that's in SVN -
*not* 0.8.2.

timothy.coltman at gmail.com
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