[Rpcemu] Linux networking

Paul Stewart paulstewart at phawfaux.co.uk
Wed Apr 22 12:10:01 PDT 2009

I have Puppy Linux setup with RPCEmu, complete with networking.
The networking is setup using a bridge that both the RPCEmu TAP 
interface and my Ethernet interface included.

Under Ethernet this works fine i.e. internet and ShareFS both work.

Now I try the same thing, Ethernet disabled, but WLAN enabled.  Again 
WLAN and TAP are both included in the bridge.  On this occasion, 
networking under RPCEmu fails, but works a little!  I am unable to 
browse the internet or ping my router, but ShareFS is able to see 
another system on my network.  However ShareFS falls over when I 
attempt to access that system.

Anyone any ideas on this.

Paul Stewart -  Far Bletchley, Milton Keynes, England.
(msn:paulstewart at phawfaux.co.uk)

RISC OS Wakefield '09 show.  Saturday Apil 25th.  Be there and be 

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