[Rpcemu] Broken Directory

Philip Glover philip at theglovers.name
Wed Dec 23 01:59:37 PST 2009

I am using rpcEmu 0.8.2 on Ubuntu 8.04 with pleasing results, but a 
slight problem has arisen. I now have a "broken directory" for one of my 
apps on the IDE disc4 directory. I've gone back to my latest "Archive" 
disc to see what this means, and it seems that on a "native" machine I 
would use "DiscKnight", which I have, but on the Mico I have fortunately 
only needed once.
    Is it possible to use this on an emulator? If there is the slightest 
risk of doing damage to the Linux system, then it is no great 
inconvenience, and I could always set up the emulator again from scratch 
and transfer all except the broken directory over (I hope?)
Thanks for any advice.

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