[Rpcemu] Risc OS 4.39 hangs on networking

Francis Devereux francis at devrx.org
Tue Mar 17 10:35:04 EDT 2009

On 17 Mar 2009, at 10:50, jan rinze wrote:

> Hi there,
> i have taken a little time to try the latest SVN release of RPCemu.  
> the 64 bit version runs ok on my Debian 5.0 amd64 install.
> When i enable networking under Risc OS 4.39 it hangs after it loads  
> the module at boot.
> Is this only me or is there some unknown problem in combination with  
> 4.39?

I have never been able to get networking working with RISC OS 4.39.   
Under both Linux and Mac OS X it hangs when the EtherRPCEm module is  
loaded.  Networking works with RISC OS 4.02 for me.


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