[Rpcemu] Risc OS 4.39 hangs on networking

Tim Powys-Lybbe tim at powys.org
Sat Mar 21 05:56:05 EDT 2009

In message of 20 Mar, Francis Devereux <francis at devrx.org> wrote:

> On 17 Mar 2009, at 19:19, Tim Powys-Lybbe wrote:
> > In message of 17 Mar, Francis Devereux <francis at devrx.org> wrote:
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> >
> >> I have never been able to get networking working with RISC OS 4.39.
> >> Under both Linux and Mac OS X it hangs when the EtherRPCEm module is
> >> loaded.  Networking works with RISC OS 4.02 for me.
> >
> > Does this mean that you have networking going on RPCemu running
> > 'natively' on a Mac.  I have tried to do this but failed.  If you have
> > got it working, can you give some guidelines?
> Yes, but I had to change the RPCEmu code to get it working and my
> changes aren't ready to be included in the main RPCEmu code base.  See
> my mails to the list on 11 Feb and 23 Feb for more details.  I do
> intend to finish this code and submit it, but unfortunately I don't
> expect to have time to do this before May.

Thanks for the explanation and delighted to hear that you are working to
make networking usable by Those That Don't Know.

A while back Tom Hughes published some code that, as I understood it,
was to improve the networking scene on the Linux versions of RPCemu.  To
the best of my knowledge this has yet to be incorporated into the main
code.  My experience of the original RPCemu networking on Linux was that
while it could be made to work, it was cumbersome.  I wonder if you are
able to incorporate Tom's code and what the benefits are to the simple

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