[Rpcemu] Mouse pointer position errors

Mark Adams mark147m at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 08:16:46 EDT 2009

I'm using RPCEmu Spoon Edition 0.8.2 on Windows with RISC OS 3.7 and have a
problem with the position of the mouse pointer in some apps.

However, before I get on to that, I must first just say that I am hugely
impressed by RPCEmu.  I downloaded it expecting it to be of quite limited
use but it's outstanding.  The range of software that just works and the
speed of it, even on a four-year-old laptop, is amazing.  Well done to
everyone involved!

Anyway, back to my problem.  It's most easily demonstrated using good old
Acorn !Draw.  If I select the line drawing tool and click to start drawing a
line, the mouse pointer jumps about 20 pixels to the right.  If I draw some
lines in !Draw, the position of the lines is quite a way off where the
crosshairs pointer is.  When the pointer leaves the window, it returns to
the correct position.

As the crosshairs pointer has an active point that isn't at the top left, I
wondered if that had something to do with it.  Strangely, if you do move the
pointer out of the !Draw window and then back again, the pointer appears at
the correct position until you next click the mouse.

The problem occurs even if I hold shift down at boot and bypass loading any
software that might be interfering.

This is pretty much the only annoyance I've found when using desktop
applications.  (No, I lie, the other one is that my laptop has no way at all
of generating a menu click unless I connect a real mouse - that's really
quite annoying - how about an option to swap menu and adjust?)


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