[Rpcemu] Mouse pointer position errors

Ian Hamilton Ian.Hamilton at AAUG.net
Mon Mar 23 09:25:18 EDT 2009

In article <b7f6d7370903210516n47e5507fye475f4a398d681ee at mail.gmail.com>,
   Mark Adams <mark147m at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm using RPCEmu Spoon Edition 0.8.2 on Windows with RISC OS 3.7 and
> have a problem with the position of the mouse pointer in some apps.

> However, before I get on to that, I must first just say that I am
> hugely impressed by RPCEmu.  I downloaded it expecting it to be of
> quite limited use but it's outstanding. 


> Anyway, back to my problem.  It's most easily demonstrated using good
> old Acorn !Draw.  If I select the line drawing tool and click to start
> drawing a line, the mouse pointer jumps about 20 pixels to the right. 
> If I draw some lines in !Draw, the position of the lines is quite a way
> off where the crosshairs pointer is.  When the pointer leaves the
> window, it returns to the correct position.


On the settings menu, untick 'Mouse Hack'. This restricts the pointer to
the RPCEmu window but the positioning is more accurate. It seems to fix
the !Draw issue. Alternatively run RPCEmu in fullscreen mode as this also
appears to solve it.

Ian Hamilton (Iyonix RO5)  http://www.hamiltoni.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/

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