[Rpcemu] Risc OS 4.39 hangs on networking

Gillian Seed mrseed at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 17:53:11 EDT 2009

Good news everybody.

I updated my logging code to display more register values when SWI's
are called. Because I saw a OS_Service call just before the OS_Heap
error I wondered which call it was. It was &9F (DCIProtocolStatus) So
my new code outputs now the contents of register 2 to 4 of the call it
show this:

Executing swi OS_ServiceCall, reason 0: 220e07c, reason 1: 9f
R2=0, R3=403 R4=AppleTalk
Executing swi OS_CallASWIR12, reason 0: 222710c, reason 1: 220e074
Executing swi OS_Heap, reason 0: 2, reason 1: 1c08000
Executing swi OS_ValidateAddress, reason 0: 1c08000, reason 1: 1c08018
Executing swi OS_ValidateAddress, reason 0: 1c08000, reason 1: 1c29000
Executing swi OS_Heap, reason 0: 3806a08, reason 1: 1c08000
Executing swi MessageTrans_ErrorLookup, reason 0: 3801a8c, reason 1: f70
MS_ErrorLookup Token: HeapBadReason:Bad reason code
Executing swi MessageTrans_Lookup, reason 0: f70, reason 1: 3801a90
MS_Lookup Token: HeapBadReason:Bad reason code

What? AppleTalk! Yes off course RISC OS 4.39 has AppleTalk in ROM and
4.02 hasn't. So I unplugged the damn thing and  EtherRPCEm works fine!
I successfully connected to internet with it without any problems.

So just do a *unplug AppleTalk at the CLI and ensure that your !System
doesn't contain any other version of AppleTalk (otherwise it will be
automatically loaded by !Internet) and shutdown the emulator properly
so the cmos will be saved correctly.

It looks like that AppleTalk doesn't behave itself or that EtherRPCEm
isn't robust enough.

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