[Rpcemu] comments, puzzles, and questions

Brian Duffell groups at planet3.freeuk.co.uk
Sat Apr 3 12:00:55 PDT 2010

Jim Lesurf <jcgl at audiomisc.co.uk> wrote:

> First the minor question. I'm now using rpcemu on a laptop running Xubuntu
> and the machine has a 1366 x768 pixel display. However the largest screen
> mode I can actually use from those in the default (AKF60 I think) list is
> 800 by 600. There are larger modes but choosing one with a height of 768
> gives a problem. Once the top-bar of the rpcemu window and the size of the
> Xubuntu top-panel is taken into account a rpcemu screen mode that is 768
> pixels high puts the icon bar out of view below the bottom of the laptop
> screen!
I have had RPCEMU working on this machine using Ubuntu and I have a screen
of 1024x768. I'm pretty sure I've tried larger than this but I think I had
similar problems with window furniture off screen. the monitor native
resolution is 1280x1068. Have you set up sufficient video memory, I think I
had to alter this to acheive resolutions higher than 800x600.

One problem with off screen windows is when starting(in 1024x768) is what
winsdows are open, and where before the risc os screen opens, in that linux
seems to try to put it on a clear bit of screen, not overlapping the
terminal window it starts in. Positioning the windows so that the RISC OS
window can open with the title bar on a visible bit of desktop is necessary
for me.

I'm currently using VRPC on this machine and would like to migrate to
Ubuntu, but the show stopper for me atm is how I run MPro on this machine.
The MPro files live on a different (Linux) machine, so I can use it on this
machine and my laptop, also my Risc PC.

Under windows emulated and native RISC OS I have no problems, but RPCEMU
sees the file permissions (shared via samba) differently to emulation  under
windows and natively, and so far haven't managed to sort this.

One great advantage of RPCEmu is that I can tell more easily which mouse
pointer is active when using it in a window, something I find a pain with

I have (yet) to find a full screen mode in RPCEmu, if there is one it may
aid the use of higher resolution screens.  
Brian Duffell

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