[Rpcemu] mouse problem with rpcemu spoon edition

Harald Lapp harald.lapp at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 23:51:20 PDT 2010

hi francis,

too bad -- thanks for your help anyway!


2010/4/10 Francis Devereux <francis at devrx.org>:
> Hi Harald,
> On 9 Apr 2010, at 19:35, Harald Lapp wrote:
>> hello,
>> i've installed the latest binary of the rpcemu spoon edition on a
>> macbook air and i'm unable to use the 2nd or 3rd mouse key with the
>> macbook air's trackpad. i thought it should work by pressing ctrl or
>> alt in combination with the trackpads button, but this does not work.
>> is this a known issue and / or is it really required to connect a
>> mouse or is there any workaround?
> Unfortunately this is a known issue with the Mac port of RPCEmu, and the only workaround I know of is to use an external mouse.
> Francis

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