[Rpcemu] Problems compiling 0.8.8 and mouse issue

P.J.G. Long pjgl2 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Dec 16 09:29:15 PST 2010

On Dec 16 2010, P.J.G. Long wrote:

Dear Matthew, further to my last email I have down loaded the latest demo 
version of ProCAD from


  and this exhibits the same fault. e.g. if you draw say a single line. 
Then with it unselected try and select it again with a single click over 
the item, it is not selectable in RPCemu, but works fine on A5000, RPC. 
ProCAD is quite fast and i wonder if the selection routine is different to 
normal systems. However, selecting with dragging a square works fine.

  I will continue to investigate, but any thoughts welcome



>On Dec 15 2010, Matthew Howkins wrote:
>Dear Matthew,
>    Thanks for this, I have now forced the 4.2.2 versions in and rpcemu, 
>now compiles. It may be just me, but it feels significantly quicker, great!
>   However, I still have the problem with ProCAD not being able to select 
>individual objects. I have now tested it on the old .7 system and the new 
>.8.8 both Linux and Windows flavour. Any thoughts very welcome
>  Regards
>    Peter
>>> I have just tried to compile 0.8.8 and get the following errors, 
>>> rpcemu-rpcemu.o: In function `loadconfig': rpcemu.c:(.text+0x7a1): 
>>> undefined reference to `list_config_entries' rpcemu.c:(.text+0x7f3): 
>>> undefined reference to `free_config_entries' collect2: ld returned 1 
>>> exit status make[1]: *** [rpcemu] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory 
>>> `/Drives/sda2/pjgl2/new/rpc2010/rpcemu-0.8.8/src' make: *** [all] Error 
>>> 2
>>>  This seems to be involved with liballegro. I have installed the latest 
>>> debs from squeeze, e.g.
>>> Setting up x11proto-xf86vidmode-dev (2.3-2) ...
>>> Setting up libxxf86vm-dev (1:1.1.0-2) ...
>>> Setting up liballegro4.2-dev (2:4.2.0-5) ..
>>The functions list_config_entries() and free_config_entries() were
>>added to Allegro in version 4.2.1, but the RPCEmu configure script is
>>not that precise and only checks for Allegro 4.2.
>>I have found out just now that these functions were added in 4.2.1 by
>>looking through their source repository - the Allegro documentation
>>implies they were available in 4.2
>>Your comments above show that you installed Allegro 4.2.0 so you do
>>not have a new enough version. However the following page suggests
>>that Debian Squeeze should have Allegro 4.2.2:
>>Do you know why the version you have installed does not match the
>>version referred to in the web page above? I do not know enough about
>>Debian, but perhaps you are installing packages from an earlier
>>For now I will look into making the configure check for RPCEmu more
>>precise, and then in the future a clearer error message will be

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